“The school is a shining example of Christian love and care"
“The school is a shining example of Christian love and care"
Mrs Huphries


Autumn Term 1     Newsletter            Class 3LH/ZB   


We would like to welcome you to the start of an exciting new academic year at St Mary's CEVA Primary and am hoping that your child is ready to start learning after their restful (perhaps not so restful for you) holiday.   We are fortunate that Mrs Low has been able to join us as our Class Teaching Assistant for mornings. 


This term we will be starting off with “European Neighbours.”  Through this theme, the children will work on geographical skills as they learn about the countries in Europe, their capitals, language spoken, differing temperatures and population.  They get a chance to explore reading a globe, atlas and map.  When discussing this first term's topic with the class on transfer day, there was another area of Europe they wanted to learn about and that was to explore foods from other countries too which we will cover in DT lessons; along with sewing flags to show needle, thread and fabric joining skills; the making of fruit salad flags to learn about seasonal fruits, making textured flags using cutting, shaping, joining and finishing. Throughout their learning process; children will have the chance to self and peer assess their work.


MATHEMATICS In number work, we will be reading, writing and ordering numbers to 1000 and above, counting and estimating, learning our number facts to 20. 50 and 100, add and subtract 2 digit numbers, and learning multiplication and division facts for 2,3 , 5 and 10 times tables.  In measurement children will be learning to accurately measure and draw lines and in geometry, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shape names and properties.


ENGLISH To start us off; children are going to be looking at the life of Roald Dahl and producing a scrapbook biography page about him.  This will then follow with children exploring the text "The Happy Prince" to write their own story and exploring information texts about Sicily to write their own Holiday Brochure pages.  English is taught using `The Write Way` approach.


GRAMMAR We will start our grammar work by focusing on word families, prefixes and suffixes.


HANDWRITING Children will continue to use `Kinetic Letters` taught in year 2 and will be developed to encourage joining to increase fluidity and speed with their writing.   


SCIENCE We will study plants and their growth. Children will have the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments and measure their findings. They should gain an understanding of the composition of plants and the factors which help them grow.


PE Children are very fortunate to have a Taekwondo coach as one of the PE lessons and the other is to teach skills which include balance, ball control and stamina. 


MUSIC Our theme is `Mood and Movies` where children will learn about the different musical elements of: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and silence.   Also how it can be organised within musical structures and used to communicate different moods and effects.


RE Children will consolidate their understanding of Christian values and their impact on the lives of Christians.


COMPUTING `We are Programmers` is the first unit and children will learn about the importance of e-safety before any learning is undertaken.  Once this has been understood, they will have the opportunity to create an algorithm for an animated scene in the form of a storyboard; write a program in Scratch to create the animation.  They will also need to correct mistakes in their animation programs.  The most fabulous thing of all is that your child will be able to access the Scratch programme from home on our School website for them to practise and play with.


PSHE We will be looking at e-safety, class and school rules, and friendships; growing and changing. 


FRENCH Through songs games and repetition we will learn numbers and months to say when our birthday is and recognise other people’s birthdays.

Below please find our Class timetable for this first term.


Expectations for Year 3:

  • Reading book and reading record are to be in school every day.
  • Reading at home for 5 minutes should be carried out at least 3 times a week and whoever listens to the child records doing this in their reading record.
  • PE kit is named, including plimsolls and should be in school every day.   Earrings must be removed for these lessons on Monday and Friday.  We are not allowed to remove them!
  • Spellings are practised daily.  This will take no longer than 5 minutes a day.
  • Maths homework is completed using SumDog (computer based learning)* This will take no more than 15 minutes a week.
  • Reading comprehension is completed using SumDog (computer based learning)* This will take no more than 15 minutes a week.
  • Your child practises their 2, 3, 5 and 10x table multiplication facts; e.g. 5x5=25 and division facts; e.g. 25÷5= 5.  Practise grids will be available for those children who wish to do more at home.    
  • Your child can join in morning work by being at school for 8:45am but must be present in class by 8:55am the latest for registration as lessons start at 9am.
  • Your child will be ready for collecting at 3:20pm.  Should a problem arise and you will be late; please contact the office to let them know.

* If you do not have access to a computer at home; your child can do this learning in School.



If you find you have some free time and want to learn more about what your child is doing; we are happy to have volunteers to help with readers, art, science, DT, etc.  An extra pair of eyes and hands is always useful!  Please contact the office with your interest and come and have a go.


Dates for your Diary:

26th September, European Day of Languages, your child will have the opportunity to learn and use some key words in a European language during the day. They will also be a challenge to create a display to make a presentation about the country their class has been allocated.

Tuesday  10th October  Late Parent's Evening

Wednesday 11th October  Early Parent's evening

Thursday 19th October  New intake sessions 2-3pm and 6-7pm.

Friday 20th October Open Day


If you have any questions regarding your child's first term, please arrange an appointment through the office to meet with one of us. 


With kind regards,

Mrs L Humphries & Mrs Z Brown

Year 3 Class Teachers

St Mary's Church of England VA Primary Academy
Fuller Street  

NN16 0JH

In order to reach us

You can call us on

01536 485500

Office opening times

8:45am - 4pm

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