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Autumn Term 1     Newsletter            Class 6   


 I would like to welcome you to the start of a new academic year. Within this newsletter you will find out about the themes we will cover up until November. I hope your child will have a productive and enjoyable time in my class this year. If you have any questions or queries about anything to do with your child’s time at school this year, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Geography- Children will have a chance to learn about Extreme Earth. Children will be introduced to the wilder side of the world with this creative Geography 'Extreme Earth' topic. The children will find out all about the Earth's extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. They can also explore how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes.

Mathematics In Maths, the children will read, write and order numbers. Add and subtract numbers mentally and using column methods. Know the multiplication facts for all times tables. Use long division and multiplication to solve word problems.

English The children will continue to read at their own level, and will have the opportunity to change their books daily if required. Reading checks will be carried out on a regular basis, and the skills children are developing will be reinforced throughout the curriculum. They will be encouraged to speak clearly and listen carefully to others, as well as participate in group discussions.  They will regularly share a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books. Children will be writing an explanation report and a short story based on the animation.

Please continue to support your child with reading, as well as practicing spellings and doing homework at home.

Science The children will learn about healthy bodies. We will learn how to keep our bodies healthy by learning all about nutrition, the importance of exercise, hearts and more. We will investigate how water and nutrients are transported in the circulatory system and recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on how our bodies function.

ART-children will be looking at the optical illusions and produce their own masterpieces.

PE Swimming (every Monday), Friday-ball skills

MUSIC We will be exploring different sounds as well as rhythmic patterns. The children will listen to a variety of types of music, as well as learning new songs.

RE What does it mean if God is loving and holy?

ICT Planning the creation of a mobile app.

PSHE Go Givers, e-safety, protective behavior.



If you have any concerns or require further information about what your child is going to be doing in school, then please arrange a meeting to see me.

Mrs. N Heaney





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