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Welcome to Term 4.


We are continuing to put READING at the forefront of our learning! We have already made great progress in reading with every single child borrowing extra books last term. Well done Year 3!!! To support your child, please continue to listen to them read to you every day; explaining the words they don’t know yet and asking questions to make sure they have understood what they have read will help their progress. Come to our special open day Friday 8th March to receive your very own pack to support your child’s reading at home.


Our theme for this term is Magnificent Mountains. The children will learn about mountain ranges in the world, then focus on Europe and the UK.  This will link into art, where they will create water colour and torn paper collage mountain landscapes. All of which will provide a stimulating and enriching environment for them to learn.


We are continuing with helping children to make sure that an important part of their learning is taking pride in their work and showing this by improving their presentation of work across all subject areas.


MATHEMATICS The term is focusing on measurements. The children will learn to measure length, mass and capacity. They will learn the relationship between m, cm and mm; kg and g; l and ml. We will also focus on telling the time, including the 24h clock and adding or subtracting amounts of money to give change using £ and p.  As always, the children’s knowledge of times tables facts is vital for success and I urge you to practice regularly with them at home. By now they should know their facts within 5 seconds of asking at least for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times tables. Failure to practice those at home will mean that the children will need to practice at break or lunch.


ENGLISH Our class book this term is Kindelkrax by Philip Ridley. The children really enjoyed The Creakers last term, I hope this new novel won’t disappoint. We will work on preparing an explanation text: How a Robot Dog Works based on the film Mr Hublot and focus on settings and tension based on the story of the Wolves in the Walls.


GRAMMAR we will be focusing on conjunctions of cause, speech and tenses.


HANDWRITING children will continue to be taught to undertake small joins in words using Kinetic letters.  Children will move over to pen once they are ready.


PE On Mondays, with Mr. Collins the children will be practicing different team sports outside and on Fridays, they will be learning archery in the hall with a specialist


RE We will study the 5 Pillars of Islam and ask ourselves what difference it makes to the lives of Muslims to live according to the teachings of the Quran.


COMPUTING We are opinion pollsters: The children will learn to design surveys, collect online data. They will use Excel to create charts for data analysis. In E-safety they will look into the legal and ethical requirements for designing online surveys.


PSHE We are using `Go-Givers` to teach children about key values and becoming a good citizen within the community.  Also, children are taught the importance of communicating effectively, knowing their own strengths and weaknesses and to form positive friendships and relationships. Alongside this, children are learning about Growth Mindset and how this can help them with their positive approach to life skills, learning and community.


If you have any concerns or require further information about what your child is going to be doing in school, then please arrange a meeting with the office to see either of us.


Mrs. Z. Brown

Timetable for Term 4








Times tables


Mental Maths

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Whole School Worship

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Worship/ Interventions

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Golden Time


Story Time


Home Time



Your child will come home a new list of spellings on a Wednesday which they need to practise each day.  Please support your child with writing these spellings into their own sentences to check understanding and to practise them ready for the test on the following Wednesday.


Dates for your diaries

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day- children come dressed as a character from a novel.

Friday 8th March: Open Day

Friday 15th March: Science Day

Tuesday 26th March: Parents Evening 3.30-5pm

Tuesday 27th March: Parents Evening 5.30-7.30pm

Thursday 4th April: Easter Craft

Friday 5th April: Easter Service (see Website for confirmed times)




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