Term 3 Newsletter Year 3 ZB


Mrs Popa and I are very excited about Term 3. Ready for the start 2020 to be the start of something truly special.


Our theme for this term is The Stone Age. The children will work on history skills as they learn about the use of evidence of the past, chronological ordering of events, extending their use of historical terminology. This will link into art, where they will use their sketchbooks to prepare Stone Age style pictures, they will design and evaluate their clay work, increase their attention to detail and use knowledge of the past to construct art and craft, for example, cave paintings, symbol writing, designing and making a Stone Age artefact. All of which will provide a stimulating and enriching environment for them to learn.

The children will have access to my family collection of artefacts, fossils and tools recovered from France at the beginning of the century. I trust encountering real primary sources of information about the past is the best way to get really excited about what our ancestors were up to, understand their progress and struggles and learn from them as best we can.


We are continuing with informing children that an important part of their learning is taking pride in their work and showing this by improving their presentation of work across all subject areas.


MATHEMATICS – The term is focusing on measures: length, mass, capacity, time and money. It would be really helpful to their understanding if they could experience how you use this skill at home, giving a real dimension to their learning. Why not get them to use the kitchen scales to weigh the pasta before it cooks, show them how many cl or ml are in the milk carton or involve them in handling some of the coins at shopping time?

As always, their knowledge of times tables facts is vital for success and I urge you to practice regularly with them at home. By now they should know their facts within 5 seconds of asking at least for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times tables. Failure to practice those at home will mean that the children will need to practice at break or lunch.


ENGLISH – The class will start with the book The Stone Age Boy and use this to write their narrative about Stone Age. This includes a lot of drama, filming, art and writing. We then move on to using the book Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age and will use this text to create dialogue so the children are learning about inverted commas, where they are placed; the correct placement of punctuation in the speech. They will finish with producing their own comic strip which will be used to write a descriptive opening to their story.


GRAMMAR – we will be looking at noun phrases, use of apostrophes, time adverb, adverbial phrases and inverted commas.


HANDWRITING – the children will continue to be taught to undertake small joins in words using Kinetic letters. Children will move over to pen once they are ready.


PE – I am delighted that we get two experts delivering PE this term. Mr Duggan will teach the children archery every Friday afternoon and every Monday, Amy, from Pace Setters will teach them a dance based on our Stone Age theme.


RE – We will ask ourselves what life is like for a Hindu in Britain today.


COMPUTING – the children will work with Mrs Towell to prepare a video presentation of everything they have learned this term. We will film a lot of our learning time and the children will learn to put footage together to edit and prepare a commentary.


PSHE – We are using `Go-Givers` to teach children about key values and becoming a good citizen within the community. Also, children are taught the importance of communicating effectively, knowing their own strengths and weaknesses and to form positive friendships and relationships. Alongside this, children are learning about Growth Mindset and how this can help them with their positive approach to life skills, learning and community.


If you have any concerns or require further information about what your child is going to be doing in school, then please arrange a meeting with the office to see me.


Mrs. Z. Brown






Timetable for Term 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8.45 Spellings Times tables Mental Maths Purple comments Reading

9.00 English

10.00 Whole School Worship Hymn Practice/ Interventions Worship/ Interventions Peer Reading/ Interventions Worship/ Interventions

10.30 Comprehension Carousel

11.00 Break

11.15 Maths

12.20 Lunch

1.20 PE music ICT Theme French

PSHE RE Science Art Handwriting

3.00 Story Time

3.20 Home Time




Your child will come home a new list of spellings on a Monday which they need to practise each day. Please support your child with writing these spellings into their own sentences to check understanding and to practise them ready for the test on the following Friday.



Our plan is that an adult will listen to your child read at least once a week in school. To supplement this practise, please ensure you listen to your child read as often as possible during the week and note in their reading record that you have done so. It is recommended that your child is listened to at least 3 times a week. Encourage your child to talk about what they have read by asking them questions. If your child does not know the meaning of a word, please help them to use a dictionary to find it. Please ensure your child brings their reading book into school every day.


Physical Education

PE is a core subject and every child is expected to take part in these lessons. Our lessons will take place twice a week on a Monday (inside) and Friday (inside). Please ensure your child has their PE kit: black or navy shorts, plain white or blue school t-shirt and plimsolls in school every day. Please ensure earrings have been removed as we are not allowed to remove them. Also, your child's name should be clearly written in each piece of PE kit, even the plimsolls

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