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A Really Incredible Feast

(and other amazing Jesus stories.)
By Johanna Baldwin

This book Is a wonderful collection of six rhyming stories which explore the amazing things that Jesus did. From the 'Turning water into wine'  to the 'Feeding of the five thousand', this beautiful book had brought the Bible alive in our worship sessions as each story is told in a fun and engaging style, using rhyming couplets to help children remember the stories they hear.

The stunning illustrations by Hannah Wheeler inspired us to organise a very special artistic worship focussed day. We split the school into 6 groups (one for each story) and the children spent the whole day immersed in their chosen miracle. They engaged in discussions about the stories on many levels, from listening, reading and retelling to the impact those miracles had on the people while Jesus was alive, as well as what it means for us today that Jesus is a miracle worker. They looked at the colour themes in the book and used them to create a large picture that you can see on the photo here.

On Wednesday 29th November 2017, we were delighted that Johanna, who lives here in Kettering, came to visit St Mary’s and shared with us her book, published by Scripture Union. Johanna read one of the stories to us and then answered questions about her inspiration and writing process. We were very proud to show her our art work and I think she liked it very much. The children loved having her come and read to us, so much so, that she received many hugs and high-fives when the children left the hall!

The children who received the Head Teacher’s award that month received a copy of the book to keep. We all keep a lasting memory of that Really Incredible Feast and look forward to Johanna coming to see us again with her next book.