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Author's Corner

Alice in Wonderland

Our class wrote a description of the Queen of Hearts. Below are two examples of our work.



After The Fall

Life begins when you get back up

“My name is Humpty Dumpty. I’m famous for falling off a wall. But that’s only half the story, because I decided to get back up. And when I did, something amazing happened….”

We wrote our own version of Dan Santat's story in which Humpty had a different nursery rhyme-themed accident!

Here is a fantastic piece from our Year 2 student Cora:

My name is Humpty, and I am a tiny round and fragile egg. I love climbing the hill because I love getting water. A long time ago, I fell down the huge hill and broke my precious shell. I felt devastated. The brave king's men found me on the freezing cold grass. I did not return to the humongous hill. I felt devastated. Finally, I felt as brave as a lion and I climbed up the huge hill. I felt proud.