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Author's Corner

Alice in Wonderland

Lion class were inspired by the strange events at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

The sections below were written by: Alex, Jonathon, Emilia, Ruth, Annabelle.

"Covered with delightful food, Alice knew the natural birch table was nothing short of lavish. A checkered white tablecloth concealed the table beneath, obscuring any stains that may have made the table look bad. Perfectly designed crockery was placed on it. 

On trays, were chocolate bars filled with orange flavoured caramel, lemon cakes with layers of chocolate, vanilla and raspberry ice cream and a strawberry flan with lots of sugar on top. On one large stand were sandwiches of many different flavours that you could think of. Alice, who was faint from only eating breakfast, noticed her most favourite- potato and cheese and started to salivate".


"Tea is ready" the Mad Hatter shouted. At this, he hopped off his rickety chair and snatched the tea pot which had melted chocolate in it. Steam bellowed out from the sprout, creating circles which levitated through the air. The lovely smell attracted Alice in. She sat down near the Mad Hatter and wondered to herself what harm it would do?".


"Then Alice sat down and enquired, "Hello there, may I join you"? "No room!" boomed the Mad Hatter whilst he quickly stood from his chair. "I'm sorry but... it's his rules, muttered the March Hare as he stepped over Alice. "Could I at least have something to eat and drink please?" questioned Alice as she slowly sat back down. The dormouse peeped out of the teapot. "Woo, now we have a guest!" boomed the Martch Hare as he jumped up and down enthusiastically."


Feeling quite uncomfortable, Alice selected a nutella sandwich, and slowly nibbled. At this moment, she stared at everyone else on the table while continuing to nibble. The mad Hatter was an abnormal character indeed, with usual habits. His hair was pitch black and curly while his hat was sitting there looking strange. He had a very weird appearance. The Mad Hatter's voice was different. It was strong and quite deep. On his jacket he had multicoloured pockets (with cake inside them) and star-shaped buttons which were blue like the sky. 


Mad Hatter Tea Party Cutouts


Tall as it towered over everyone, his curly, knotted hair was a bright Scarlett red colour, and it was popping out of his hat over all while he wore his ridiculous colours he looked like a fully grown adult dressed like a child. His voice had quite a squeaky pitch that contrasted as he spoke, it went from high to low. On his jacket he has several purple and yellow pockets which were filled to the brim with star-shaped broaches increased with multi coloured jewells (fit for royalty) and beneath it was a shirt that must of been white but now it was just a murky mess

Alice was completely unaware that she had been gaping at him uncontrollably, until.... "Oh my goodness girl, would you stop looking at me"! He exclaimed impolitely. Alice whispered while looking down. "Oh I'm so sorry but all of this is so new to me"! 

What a weird day Alice had!