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Our Classes

We have 9 classes at St Mary's school, some of which are mixed age classes.

Butterflies - EYFS

Mr Middleton, Mrs D Wright, Miss Lawrence, Mrs Dauncey and Miss Beeby

Dolphins - Year 1

Mrs A Brown 

Bees - Years 1 and 2

Miss M Mataria and Mrs C Fritz

Deers - Year 2

Mr P Savage and Miss M Bray 

Lambs - Year 3

Mrs Z Brown and Mrs J Holt

Eagles - Years 3 and 4

Mr T Metcalfe and Mrs H Towell

Leopards - Years 4 and 5

Miss A Welch 

Lions - Years 5 and 6

Mrs S Perry and Mrs M Hooper

Doves - Year 6

Mrs N Heaney