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Our Learning

We have designed our Christian, values-based curriculum to empower our children, raise their self-esteem, and deepen understanding; equipping them to become happy and successful adults.  We strive to develop skills, self-belief and knowledge facilitating all to flourish in the global environment.  Our learning foundation is aligned to our vision, do everything in love. Pupils learn to love themselves, others and the world. 

Our children come to school with different life experiences, which impacts on their vocabulary, reasoning and understanding.  We are therefore committed to creating a language and literacy-rich environment. High-quality teaching and learning promotes a love of learning, deepens reasoning and promotes problem-solving whilst instilling a curious approach to life.  We proactively seek opportunities to build cultural capital raising aspirations for all. 

Our curriculum is designed progressively, building on skills to enable pupils to do more and remember more.  The delivery of learning using Rosenshine’s principles enhances learning and deepens understanding.  Our children are empowered through our meta-cognition and self-regulation approach (My Amazing Journey - MAJ) to be the architects  of their own success.  

Every child has a regular 1:1 meeting with their teacher as well as whole class weekly MAJ sessions so that they are empowered to know their personal next steps in their learning. Within the sessions, children determine their own next steps for learning with the teacher and are fully engaged in the assessment process and their progress measures. 

This is an example of the MAJ form that your child with receive three times a year. It contains all the information about the progress your child has made with their learning so far. Below is a photo that explains what information you will receive and how the form works. 

Please do speak to the class teacher if you have any concerns or questions.