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R.E. at St. Mary’s

Religious Education is a vital and core aspect of our children’s education.  It provides valuable opportunities and strategies to develop a huge range of skills including the ability to reflect, analyse, discuss, debate and empathise with others.  These transferable skills encourage a depth of understanding about significant events, beliefs and enable us to understand one another. 

The teaching of RE is engaging, exciting and relevant enabling children to reflect on their own understanding and thoughts so they can better understand others.  Visits, visitors and creative approaches to teaching encourage pupils to engage in their learning successfully. 

We following the Diocesan Scheme of work coupled with Understanding Christianity.  We invest heavily in CPD for staff, resources and opportunities to ensure quality outcomes for our children.  As gold members of NATRE, we tap into their wealth of knowledge.  We offer CPD to other schools and are currently working towards our gold RE Award.

All children need to acquire core knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the religions and worldviews which not only shape their history and culture but which guide their own development. The modern world needs young people who are sufficiently confident in their own beliefs and values that they can respect the religious and cultural differences of others, and contribute to a cohesive and compassionate society.’  (The Right Hon, Michael Gove, former Secretary of State for Education, 2013 RE Review and new 'non-statutory' National Curriculum Framework for RE)

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