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Seeds for Change

Seeds for Change includes the School Council and group of children working with the local community to improve the world around us.


Student Council:

Questions and Answers


Q1. Who are the Student Council?

A1.   These are a group of children who represent the pupil’s voice. They play a leading role in helping to make the school a better place.

Q2. How do you become a student council member?

A1. You are voted on by the children in your class.

Q3. When do you meet?

A3. Once a week, for half an hour.

Q4. What do you discuss?

A4. We represent the voices of the children in our school. We listen to and collect their thoughts and ideas. During the year the student council are often given Projects E.G the comic project – collecting information on children’s reading preferences.

Q5. Why do you have a student council?

A5. So the children’s views can be heard and they can be involved in making decisions about their school.

These questions and answers have been put together by the student council.