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Spirituality drives through every part of school life at St Mary's School. It is the part of us that connects with the wider world; our ability to develop a sense of awe and wonder. We consider questions about things that are 'bigger than ourselves'.  We foster a curiosity so that we can develop, admire and appreciate the awe and wonder around us.  This enables us to flourish.  We describe flourishing as, "to live a good a life where we love ourselves, others and the world."

We provide opportunities in our school through; collective worship in particular our 'I wonder' books, reflections spaces, development of spiritual spaces in the environment and through our curriculum design.

Reflection Spaces at St Mary's

Our Reflection Spaces




Our Prayer Table 




In all areas of the curriculum, children ask and answer a range of spirituality questions which can be written or spoken about in lessons as a class or individually considered. This gives them a chance to reflect on their impact within the wider world. For example:


Imagine a robot that helps people. What rules or "code" should it follow to be kind and respectful?


What kind acts can you do to fill someone's "kindness bucket"?


How can you show good sportsmanship, win or lose?


If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to children from the past about their impact on the world today?


What's something in nature that amazes you?

Forest School

How can you be a hero for the environment?