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Our daily worship is intrinsically linked with our School’s Christian values and focus heavily on how to live out those values in our daily lives.  We celebrate and consider significant events, festivals and faith days in a fully inclusive way.  Worship is grounded in distinctively Christian teachings but respectful of the backgrounds of all within our school family.  Worship is inclusive, engaging, inspirational, inclusive and accessible.  

Worship is highly engaging and interactive.  Pupils are actively involved in the planning and delivery of worship.  As part of our continued desire to improve, staff receive training and support to ensure high quality provision which is monitored and feedback provided as part of our improvement cycle.  Visits to a wide range of churches and visitors into school ensure our children are engaged in a wide range of worship styles.  Children attend and are actively involved in the delivery of Mass in church.

Our worship encourages us to:


Friendship – Be a friend as Jesus is a friend

Aspiration – To model ourselves on Jesus

Forgiveness – To turn the other cheek

Justice – To stand up for others like Jesus did

Hope – To be like Jesus a light for others


We have adopted the Windows Mirrors Doors approach which we encourage as part of our daily collective worship.


Windows: Opportunities to look out on the world to gaze and wonder: The Wow and Ows moments. The things we find amazing and bring us up short. Encounter: The learning about life

Mirrors: Giving opportunities for children to reflect, to look inward to consider some of the big questions of life: To explore their own insights and those of others.
Reflection: The learning from.

Doors: Giving opportunities to children to respond, to do something to go through the door of a creative expression of their own thoughts and convictions.
Transformation: The learning to live by putting into action what they believe.