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Worship Warriors

Our worship ambassadors meet after school each week to discuss, plan and feedback from our collective worships. It is a group of innovative, creative young minds who are helping to shape the worship of our school!

Most recently, they have contributed to a new worship schedule which will run for a whole year. They were asked to brainstorm as many Bible stories as they could (one child came up with 30+!) and we put them together in a 6-term plan with Bible verses and 'I Wonder' questions to go with each one (see below.) This has now been developed into our yearly plan (see: 'What do we do in worship?' tab).

 As well as planning, the children have been delivering worship assemblies to the rest of the school. Our most recent Worship Ambassadors assembly, the children chose the theme of 'Calm.'

They wrote and performed a drama called 'Stormy Sarah' about a girl struggling with her emotions and discovering the art of 'calm.' Then, with the help from the drama club, they performed the reading of Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4:35–41.) 

Here are some screenshots from our Stormy Sarah drama:

And here's a taste of our video of the Bible story: Jesus calming the storm.